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This is a Windows 10 application that allows users to quickly take screenshots, edit them, share them with other in Snip & Sketch. The application interface is designed to be minimal and easy-to-use, it supports a number a lot of features that make it a powerful tool for taking and editing screenshots.


The interface of Snip and Sketch app is designed be minimalized. The main screen consists of a toolbar with number of options for say and editing screen. Product also includes a number of editing tools for cropping, rotating, adding text screenshots. Preview area shows you preview of the screenfoto that you have taken, the annotation tools allow you addition text, highlights, other annotations your screen. The interface is easy navigate and use, it’s clear and concise.


New product Snip & Sketch app for Windows 7 is very easy-to-use product. Taking screenphoto is as simple as selecting the area of the screen that you want capture, the software automatically saves the screen your clipboard. Editing screenshots is just as easy, the app’s editing tools are straightforward and easy to use. The applications intuitive and easy to use, it offers great user experience.


This’s a very powerful tool Snip & Sketch download for free for taking and edit screenscan. The application supports number of features that made it a valuable tool for both personal and professional use. For example, the app’s instruction tools allow you add text and drawings to screen, which can be very useful for explaining something or highlighting a particular area. Program also supports cropping and rotating screenshots, which can be very helpful for getting the perfect shot.


Application has excellent support download Snip & Sketch app for editing screenfotos. The appication’s interface is designed be easy to use, the app’s documentation is very clear and helpful. In addition, the app’s support forums are active and are a great resource for getting help from other users. Software well-supported, it offers number one of features that make it good option for taking screenfotos.


  1. How do I launch the app?
    Launch the install Snip and Sketch on Windows 7/10, you can either search for it in the Start menu or find it in the list of apps under the Windows Accessories folder.
  2. How do I create a new snip using?
    Create new function using the product, click the “New” button in the upper corner of the window. This will open the snipping toolbar, which you can use to select the type of snip you want create.
  3. How do I save the option using?
    Save a snap using the application, click the “Save” button in the upper-left corner of the application window. This will open the save dialog, where you can change the geolocation and file name for your faile.
  4. How do I open an existing snip using?
    Open an existing and using the Snip and Sketch app for free, click the “Open” button in the upper-right corner of the application for window. This will open the open monolog, where you can choose the location of the snip you want open.


  • Then new program Snip & Sketch APK app allows users take screenshots and edit them using a variety of tools.
  • Product also allows users create sketches from scratch or from images, share them with others.
  • Product has a built-in image editor Snip & Sketch for Mac that lets users crop, rotate, adjust the brightness and contrast of their images.
  • Software also lets users add text, shapes, highlights to their images.
  • This is available for free from the Microsoft Store.


Application by Windows Snip & Sketch is a great tool for taking and making screenshots. The app’s interface is easy to use, the added editing tools are very powerful. The app also has excellent support from both the developer and the community. It’s easy to use, it offers number of features that make it a great option for a variety of users.

Download Snip & Sketch App for Windows 7/10

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